Each One, Teach One Financial Literacy Program

Each One, Teach One Financial Literacy Program

Building good financial skills can empower people in our communities to make the right financial decisions for themselves and their families. That’s why Provincial Credit Union has joined other credit unions across the country to offer the Each One, Teach One Financial Literacy Program – a plain language approach to building basic financial knowledge.

How it works
Through the Each One, Teach One Program and with the help of community partners, credit union staff volunteer their time to deliver a series of free workshops – virtually or in-person – that cover basic financial topics ranging from an Introduction to Basic Budgeting, Building a Healthy Credit History to Home Readiness and more. Workshops are offered at different times throughout the year with the sole goal of helping participants build financial knowledge in an
approachable, easy-to-understand way.

Online Modules
In addition to guided sessions, Each One Teach One also offers free, online financial literacy modules that you can explore when and where you want. These self-directed courses provide a high-level introduction to some of the most popular topics covered in Each One, Teach One workshops. The online courses are also great for learning on a busy schedule, with each module taking around 30 minutes to fully complete. While these online courses won’t cover everything included in a full Each One, Teach One session, they can help you get started in building your financial knowledge.

Ready to explore the Each One, Teach One online modules?
Select one of the available topics 
from the list below to begin learning.

01- Introduction to Basic Banking
02- Why Filing Taxes in Canada is a Good Idea
03- Loans: Costs and Obligations
04- Debt Smarts
05- Building a Healthy Credit History

To learn more about the Each One, Teach One Program, including a full list of workshop topics, or to find out how to arrange an Each One, Teach One session, please see our Frequently Asked Questions section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Each One Teach One Financial Literacy Program? Expand/Collapse

Each One, Teach One is an approach to providing basic and plain language financial knowledge in our communities. Our sole goal is to empower individuals to make the right financial decisions for themselves and their families.

What topics are covered by the Each One, Teach One Program? Expand/Collapse

The program contains a series of 17 different topics that are offered at various times throughout the year. Here’s a full list of the subjects covered:

01 – Introduction to Basic Banking
02 – Introduction to Basic Budgeting
03 – Why Filing Taxes in Canada is a Good Idea
04 – Credit Cards and Prepaid Cards
05 – Loans You Don’t Want
06 – Loans: Costs and Obligations
07 – Debt Smarts
08 – Building a Healthy Credit History
09 – Identity Theft and Fraud Prevention
10 – RRSPs & TFSAs
11 – Introduction to Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs)
12 – Understanding Contracts
13 – Financial Wellness for Seniors
14 – Home Readiness A: Renting vs Owning
15 – Home Readiness C: Cost of Ownership
16 – Home Readiness C: Finding the Right Home
17 – Home Readiness D: Professional Help

For more details on what’s included as part of each topic, please visit https://eachoneworkshops.ca/resources/

How are workshops offered? Expand/Collapse

Each One, Teach One workshops are offered virtually or, where public health guidelines allow, may be offered in person. Sessions are typically an hour in length, which allows participants lots of time to ask questions and to engage with the material.

How can I attend a session or make arrangements to have one happen in my community? Expand/Collapse

Connect with us today and we’d be happy to tell your more about the program and upcoming sessions, or work with you to explore organizing a session.