Lines of Credit

Overdraft Protection

Overdraft protection will protect you from cheques being returned or help with short term needs until payday.  It's attached to your chequing account, with limits from $100 - $5000.  Interest is calculated daily on your outstanding overdraft balance and charged monthly.  Interest is calculated at 18%.  Note...there is no monthly fee if the account does not go into overdraft on any approved line of credit.

P.C.A. Line of Credit Loans (unsecured)

The limits starts at $5,001.  to a maximum of $50,000.  Floating rates are based on Prime.  The rates set are based on the amount and credit worthiness.  A minimum repayment of 3% monthly on the outstanding balance is required.  Payment is automatically debited from your main transaction account.  Interest is calculated at your approved rate on your daily outstanding balance.  When accessed, interest will be charged with the monthly minimum being $5.00.   See our Loan Dept. for more details.


Total Access Home Equity 

Access the equity in your home at any time, for any reason.  Credit limit up to 80% of your home's appraised value.  Fixed and variable rate options are available, as well as flexible payment options.  Also allows consolidation of existing debt to save on interest charges.  Funds can be accessed through online banking, ATMs, credit union branch or by cheque.  Click here for more details


Personal Chequing and Current Accounts, Overdraft Interest Rates and Fees

If you are not covered by our overdraft protection service, and we choose to process a debit which overdraws your account, or which exceeds (or further exceeds) your overdraft protection limit, there will be a cost.  There is an additional $5.00 charge for each item debited to your account, while the account remains in overdraft or over your overdraft protection credit limit.  If Provincial chooses to allow one or more such withdrawals, it has no obligation to do so again at any time in the future. 


Provincial Credit Union's standard overdraft rate is currently 18% per year and may vary from time to time.  Interest is calculated on the final daily balance of the overdraft and is compounded monthly.  Interest will apply before and after demand, default, or judgement.