Become an Owner

What does ownership mean?

Credit Unions are unique from other financial institutions in that they are not owned by shareholders; they're owned by you.  This difference is integral to what Credit Unions are, it's what sets us apart, and it's what makes us the better option for you.  It means that our efforts are firmly focused on serving your needs above all.  The result is a relationship based on a common goal: your financial success.

Credit Union owners are both customers and owners. As a customer, you receive the services you want and as an owner you enjoy a return on your share investment in the form of competitive rates, value costs for premium service, and local control of your own financial institution.

Belonging to a credit union means that you are more than a customer - you are an owner - and as an owner you get to influence the progress of your business. There is a voluntary Board of Directors that you elect with your right to vote at the Annual General Meeting. As neighbors, living and working in the same community, Provincial Credit Union offers all the financial services working for your own economic benefit. You’ll enjoy a flexible approach to business and responsiveness to local concerns.

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