Direct Payment

A trouble-free and economical way to purchase goods and services without the hassle or delay of cheque approvals!


  • Convenient, easy and fast
  • Access with MEMBER CARD® debit card  and PIN
  • Costs less than writing a cheque
  • NO risk carrying cash
  • Safe and private with confidential PIN

Information for Direct Deposit & Direct Payment

Transit or Branch # 79053 
Institution # 839

Please take note that two digits from the account that you use to login to our online and mobile banking systems slightly differs from the account needed for your direct deposits and direct payments.  The login account number (ex: 01234 00 1) is used only and specifically for online and mobile banking purposes.  To confirm your correct account number, login to online banking then select View e-statements from the menu on the left side of page.  Click on the date of the most recent month then click OPEN.  The eight digit account number required for direct deposits and pre-authorized payments is found after the name of each account (for example 12345-10-6).  The account number is written without dashes or spaces.  If you need further instruction please contact us to ensure there are no delays in processing your deposits or payments.

Automatic Payment Enrollment / Change Form (please select your location)

Wellington Tyne Valley O'Leary

Please note: If you are having issues with the form, we recommend that you download the form to your desktop and then open and complete it.

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