Business MasterCard

Business MasterCard

 Annual Account Fee Without Cash Back Feature $0 
Annual Account Fee With Cash Back Feature
(Per Consolidated Pay or Individual Pay Account)
Grace Days  21 
Introductory Annual Interest Rate on Balance Transfers  3.99% 
Standard Annual Interest Rate  16.99% 
Annual Interest Rate for Accounts in Default  18.99% 
Credit Limit  Variable 

The Business MasterCard credit card may save businesses time and money by providing an easier method for tracking and managing business expenses.  The Business MasterCard credit card allows businesses to do the following:

• Consolidate business purchasing
• Streamline billing and payment
• Improve cash flow
• Simplify expense management
• Reduce paperwork
• Maximize productivity
• Enhance purchasing information and analysis

Optional Cash Back Feature*
With the optional cash back feature, Business Owners receive a percentage of their monthly net retail purchases back. The more retail purchases made in a month, the more cash back earned.

The amount of cash back earned is based on a tier system.
$0 - $5,000 earns 0.5%
$5,001 - $10,000 earns 0.75%
$10,000 earns 1.0%

If a Business Owner adds this feature to a Consolidated Pay Account:
• a $75 annual fee is charged to the control account;
• each sub-account earns cash back for the control account;
• the amount of cash back earned in a month appears on the consolidated statement; and
• the Business Owner/control account holder must request the cash back.

If a Business Owner adds this feature to an Individual Pay Account:
• a $75 annual fee is charged for each individual account that has the cash back feature added;
• each individual account earns its own cash back;
• the amount of cash back earned in a month appears on each individual account statement only (no other reporting is available - it is recommended that employers have employees submit copies of the individual account statement to track accumulated cash back); and
• the Business Owner must request the cash back for each individual account.

Business Owners can call 1-800-561-7849 at the end of each month to have their cash back credited to their account, or let it carry over from month to month and call in later. An account must accumulate a minimum of $25 of cash back in order to redeem.

* These are the highlights of the Cash Back program as they pertain to the CUETS Financial Business MasterCard credit card (the ‘Program’).  Complete terms and conditions describing eligibility, accrual of cash back and other important conditions, limitations and restrictions can be found in the terms and conditions applicable to the Program.

Feature Overview
• 3.99% introductory annual interest rate for six months on balance transfers from other financial institutions.

• MasterTrip ®
o Common Carrier Travel Accident Insurance
o You're covered for up to $500,000 in the event of an accident when you purchase your ticket with your MasterCard

• MasterRental®

When you rent a car with your MasterCard card, you're protected with:
o Collision Damage Waiver Benefit - equivalent to that offered by the car rental company, provided you decline the car rental company's optional Collision Damage Waiver
o Some limitations apply - see the certificate of insurance when you receive your card

• MasterPurchase
90-day Purchase Protection
o Protection against theft and damage for items purchased with your MasterCard card
o Items will be replaced or repaired, or you will be reimbursed the purchase price
o Items given as gifts are also covered
o Some limitations apply - see the certificate of insurance when you receive your card

• MasterLegal

Legal Referrals and Payment Assistance - in those countries that the MasterAssist Operations Centre deems safe for travel, you will be assisted in locating a legal advisor, and in paying legal fees up to $5,000 (billable to your MasterCard account, and subject to credit availability)

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